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The Artist

Hello, I'm Samantha Lynn. I am a singer songwriter from Seattle, WA. Well, actually I grew up in Puyallup and I have been bouncing around Washington for the last 10 years trying to figure out what my purpose is. I'm still not sure what I am "meant" to do but I do know that music is the one thing that makes me infinitely happy.

I would write poems constantly when I was a kid. I understood rhythm and I was fascinated by all the different ways I could describe an event or feeling. My mother, always being supportive of me, put me into private drum lessons when I was 7. From there, I joined band and played percussion. I taught myself how to play the guitar at 13 and began writing songs at 15. 

My songs can be very personal and I mostly write from experience. I invite you to listen and become a part of this artistic journey with me. Contact me for any questions you might have or if you just want to talk music. Seriously.


Alanis Morissette - Ani Difranco - The Beatles - Brandi Carlile - Carrie Duncan - Chris Pureka - Devin Sinha - Frank Turner - Haim - Joni Mitchell - Linkin Park - Michael Conrad - Regina Spektor - Tegan and Sara - Tekla Waterfield - Tobias the Owl - Tracy Bonham - Will Hoge

Samantha Lynn is the kind of singer-songwriter who emotes and pours her passion into her songs in a way that is both resonant and intimate. Her voice conveys the acuity of her emotions as though she is living them with each performance. In the musical community, Samantha is a staunch ally and fierce friend to many other artists, embracing and supporting the music of others with the same eagerness as passionately as she shares her own verses. 

 - Tobias the Owl

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