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The Artist

Samantha Lynn is a singer songwriter based in Seattle, WA. She taught herself how to play guitar at 13 and has been writing songs ever since. With over 20 years of songwriting experience, Samantha provides a medium that portrays universal storytelling through intimate lyrics and unique melodies.

Though a guitar player at heart, Samantha's introduction to music was with percussion. This has greatly influenced her guitar playing, allowing rhythms to shine through in her strumming and picking patterns.

Her EP, #TeamSami, shows a unique range of folk, pop, and alt rock, all with an acoustic core. Now streaming on all platforms.


Alanis Morissette - Ani Difranco - The Beatles - Brandi Carlile - Carrie Duncan - Chris Pureka - Devin Sinha - Frank Turner - Haim - Joni Mitchell - Linkin Park - Michael Conrad - Regina Spektor - Tegan and Sara - Tekla Waterfield - Tobias the Owl - Tracy Bonham - Will Hoge

Samantha Lynn is the kind of singer-songwriter who emotes and pours her passion into her songs in a way that is both resonant and intimate. Her voice conveys the acuity of her emotions as though she is living them with each performance. In the musical community, Samantha is a staunch ally and fierce friend to many other artists, embracing and supporting the music of others with the same eagerness as passionately as she shares her own verses. 

 - Tobias the Owl

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